Fold/Fly Airplanes

Applied Arts Magazine Award Winning Project (2016)

The Fold/Fly Paper Airplane Kit is designed for ages 8+ and teaches the user about paper airplane folding. The kit includes markers, various patterned and plain papers, a measuring tape, stickers, the paper airplane folding guidebook and cardboard cones.

The box itself transforms into an airplane hangar and workstation. The user can display their creations in the airplane hangar which not only makes the product more interactive and fun but also provides a second life for the box. The label can also be flipped over and used as a landing strip/ runway accessory, once again giving it a second life.

The Guidebook comes with 6 different folding patterns in various difficulty levels. It also has a hefty amount of stickers for the user to decorate their planes however they want.

The back of the book has a section for notes where users can document the type of plane, distance flown and any other additional information.

Above all, this product aims to bring out the child in everyone.

It creates zero waste and is 100% recyclable.
It is easily stackable and the rectangular box is perfect for transportation.

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