A Collection of Agency Work

Below are a few of the various projects I worked on while at LMA Digital. Feel free to browse!

Maple Lodge Farms Natural From the Farm
campaign creative

• Creative Direction • Digital • Social Media 

Maple Lodge Farms (MLF), Canada’s top chicken product producer, released their new line ‘Natural from The Farm’ (NFTF), featuring reduced sodium deli products. They were looking for a way to increase sales from consumers and differentiate themselves from competitors. The challenge became: how can we build a campaign that will motivate consumers to choose NFTF over competitors’ products?

Creative Elements

I was tasked with gathering and creating assets to be used on all design collateral which included digital coupon landing pages, e-mail marketing communications and social posts for Instagram and Facebook. Featured above is a screenshot of the coupon landing page, and below is the EMC and social posts.

Optimé Website Design and Build

• Creative Direction • WordPress • Digital

Optimé came to us looking for an updated look and feel for their website. We provided them with a sleek, modern and professional website that was able to take their business to the next level. 

Wireframes to High Fidelity Mockups

I began wireframing and collected content to build the structure of the pages with Adobe XD. From there, using company brand guidelines, I was able to start adding colour, imagery and style to create the HiFi mockups. After revisions, the final mockups were approved and we were able to start building. We used a Wordpress theme plus our own customization to provide the client with a website that would serve their purpose with a modern, refreshed look.

View this website in all its glory here.

Glide Logo Design

• Branding • Creative Direction

This client came to us wanting a sleek, simple and clean logo for their flight tour company. Based off information collected in a meeting with the client we were able to begin the design process. I began my process by researching pre-existing flight logos, gathering inspiration for general styling and application, and learning more about the shape of the planes used.


Final Design

After some revisions we were able to focus in on one logo that morphed its way into the perfect logo for Glide!

LMA Digital Rebrand

• Branding • Digital • WordPress • Animation

With the recent switch to a new name, LMA Digital, we were tasked with transforming an outdated brand into one which would represent not only who they were but also where the agency was headed. Digital. 

Icon Update

The first step was to update the existing llama. After doing some research and becoming an expert in identifying llamas vs. alpacas, I came up with a character that would be the new face of LMA Digital. A proud, confident, approachable llama.

Logo Exploration

The next step was updating the full logo. We wanted to create something more modern while still retaining the bold pink. Below is a series of potential ways in which the llama icon could be incorporated within the new logo.

After a bit of revision we landed on a logo. Below is the updated logo for LMA Digital.

Icon Development and Animation

I thought it would be really fun if we could get our service icons to animate. Since I had started experimenting with AfterEffects, I thought it would be a great way to showcase our animation abilities and also add a nice personal touch that would help our website stand out from the others.


Public Relations

Social Media

Brand Development

Website Design

We began the website design process by doing some major research. It was time to hit dribbble, Pinterest and sift through all the websites we had saved in our "inspo" folder to see if there was anything we thought we could use for our site. While looking for inspiration, we also simultaneously searched for possible WordPress themes that had the elements we were thinking of including. After deciding on a theme we started the wireframing process which we then turned into HiFi Mockups, using many of the elements from our chosen theme.

Check out the completed live site here.

 More updates coming soon. Stay tuned!

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